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Discover how a financial institution leveraged technology to identify suspected AML transactions of $5 million

As the estimated global costs of financial crime reached $2 trillion USD, the expertise and technology needed to prevent money laundering grow ever more sophisticated. One financial institution investigated suspected AML breaches using the cloud-based eDiscovery technology platform RelativityOne.

If you work in anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorism finance (CTF) or corporate investigations more broadly, this case study demonstrates a best-practice investigation strategy and data analysis techniques you can deploy in your next investigation.

Five Key Takeaways  

  • Structured early case assessment (ECA) technology to reduce the documents for review whilst preserving data integrity
  • Conceptual analytics to define the review strategy from the outset
  • Integrated name normalisation and communication analysis to identify the key players in the investigation
  • Chronological document and concept visualisations to build out the timeline of events
  • Inbuilt video transcription application allows for interviews to be annotated within the platform providing end-to-end investigation technology

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